Welcome to CSR for Good

CSR for Good believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is vital to making the world a better place.

Charities are always in need of support and corporate leaders understand the importance of contributing to their local communities.  CSR for Good helps forge these relationships by creating customized products that can be given to customers, clients, colleagues and friends.  The designs on our products are drawn by children in our programs and when you order from us, you will be supporting a charity of your choice.

Our Programs

Bright and cheerful holiday cards drawn by children in our programs
Our eCards are carefully customized to make sure you reach hundreds of friends, colleagues and customers with the perfect message!

Our printed cards and eCards are unique products that your customers, clients, colleagues and friends will appreciate!

Helping Charities

By placing an order with us, you will be helping charities in need of financial support.

All our products are 100% customized to your liking.  We don’t use pre-printed cards or envelopes.  Each customer has unique requirements and you will get the attention your deserve.  We design products using your company logo, colors and specifications.

We guarantee that no other company will have the same design as you.  Once you order, the design is yours — forever!

Our prices are listed on our website. There are no hidden or additional costs.

We will deliver your order to your office free of charge.

Show that you are a socially responsible company.


Send unique holiday cards and eCards to your friends,

colleagues, and partners while supporting your favorite charities.

Ordering is easy:

View our collection of hundreds of original designs by clicking here
You choose your favorite hand-drawn design…
You chose the product that you would like us to customize for you…
We create it for you using your company logo, colors and specifications…

…And together we will support the charity of your choice!

The charities we support
Children’s hospital
Jiminy Wicket
Sleep Tight Colorado

The Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado offers art, dance/movement, music and yoga therapies. It helps children to identify, explore and transform emotional and psychological difficulties. By giving them an outlet for creative expression, creative arts therapy can help kids get better, faster.

An Alzheimer’s community service/ learning program for schools, colleges and senior communities to create connection, laughter and smiles across the generations.

Sleep Tight Colorado (STC) believes that everyone deserves a warm night’s sleep. Sleep Tight Colorado’s mission is to provide sleeping bags to the homeless of Colorado.

Some of the major companies we have partnered with
Marks & Spenser
Reckitt Benckiser
Mary Kay
Standart & Poors
Rodl & Partner